Judge: Mr Philip Shirley (Cordonrouge)

Best in Show
Smileline Silenzio Sunshine Garsiv (Imp Jpn)
Reserve Best in Show
Sempefidelis Dulcine
Best Opposite Sex
Sempefidelis Dulcine
Dog Challenge Certificate Smileline Silenzio Sunshine Garsiv (Imp Jpn)
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate Bankshill Lord of the Rings is Purepixie
Bitch Challenge Certificate Sempefidelis Dulcine
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate Metamorphic Delivered
Best Puppy in Show Farleysbane Frilly Filly
Best Minor Puppy in Show  
Best Veteran in Show Ch Wish Upon A Star Over Tricianbri
Best Phalene in Show Ch Temelora Forest Nymph
Best Junior Handler Eleanore Taylor

Minor Puppy Dog
Entries 7 (1)

1st Metamorphic Thunder Storm
2nd Amicae Moonshine for Temelora
3rd Rozamie Sil Vous Plait
Res. Metamorphic Illusion
VHC Purepixie Swish & Flick

Puppy Dog
Entries 6 (1)

1st Temelora Let it Be Magic
2nd Magic Morgan Melangel
3rd Johnasta Major Tomfox
Res. Johnasta Brigadier Barcode
VHC Johnasta Red Admiral of Cintarshe

Junior Dog
Entries 5 (0)

1st Rozamie Pierre
2nd Rozamie La Reve at Altina
3rd Amicae Daydreamer
Res. Ookimimi Jitterbug
VHC Grinsdales Gigalo at Rosenjon

Yearling Dog
Entries 4 (0)

1st Temelora Mardi Gra
2nd Elendil Bellman
3rd Denemore Ripple’s Son at Tricianbri
Res. Grinsdales Gigalo at Rosenjon

Novice Dog
Entries 7 (1a, 1w/d)

1st Rozamie La Reve at Altina
2nd Jansanleis Hes a Belter
3rd Johnasta Major Tomfox
Res. Johnasta Brigadier Barcode
VHC Papadore Ace of Hearts

Graduate Dog
Entries 5 (2)

1st Rozamie La Reve at Altina
2nd Denemore Ripples Son at Triciabri
3rd Farthinghall’s New Touch at Angullyon

Post Graduate Dog
Entries 5 (2)

1st Sweetbriar Face the Music at Johnasta
2nd Altaya Foreign Affair
3rd Cintarshe Candlelight
Limit Dog
Entries 11 (1)
1st Smileline Silenzio Sunshine Garsiv (Imp Jpn)
2nd Bankshill Lord of the Rings is Purepixie
3rd Conysluck Mr Pickles
Res. Temelora Rising Star JW
VHC Kissable De Constalina at Panspayon

Open Dog
Entries 6 (1)

1st Ch Amicae Something to Say
2nd Ch Kazim Matador JW (AWB)
3rd Rozamie Depeche Mode
Res. Denemore the Ruben Effect at Farthinghall
VHC Metamorphic Posted to Vlinder

Special Open Phalene Dog
Entries 2 (1)

1st Temelora Dream Lover

Veteran Dog
Entries 4 (2)

1st Papplewick Petroglyph
2nd Temelora Just Magic JW ShCM

Good Citizen Dog
Entries 1 (0)

1st Altaya Foreign Affair

Minor Puppy Bitch
Entries 9 (2)

1st Farleysbane Frilly Filly
2nd Omegaville Treasure Me Too
3rd Metamorphic Fantasy
Res. Vixpin Applejack
VHC Purepixie Mischief Managed

Puppy Bitch
Entries 5 (2)

1st Farthinghall Start Struck at Papdemonium
2nd Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon
3rd Temelora Amazing Grace

Junior Bitch
Entries 6 (0)

1st Lafford Kandy Floss
2nd Omegaville Love Me Do
3rd Petichien’s Keep The Faith at Farthinghall
Res. Ookimimi Just Imagine
VHC Panspayon Be My Angel

Yearling Bitch
Entries 6 (0)

1st Petress Dark and Daring
2nd Tricianbri Kiss Me Kate
3rd Skyvana Party Time Jazz Plays Mezanda
Res. Papadore Ears a Surprise
VHC Taliesyn Travellers Joy

Novice Bitch
Entries 3 (2)

1st Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon

Graduate Bitch
Entries 5 (1)

1st Tricianbri Kiss Me Kate
2nd Panspayon Be My Angel
3rd Bobbards Queen of Hearts
Res. Angullyon Molly Candyblaze

Post Graduate Bitch
Entries 7 (0)

1st Metamorphic Opal at Sempefidelis
2nd Farthinghall ‘s Nicole at Papdemonium
3rd Melangel Unique Star For Lafay
Res. Panspayon UR My Lucky Charm
VHC Burghbridge URA Golden Girl

Limit Bitch
Entries 8 (0)

1st Denemore Gabiscandy Floss at Tricianbri JW
2nd Amicae Royal Seal
3rd Cintarshe Dancing Light Johnasta
Res. Kazim Uptown Girl
VHC Metamorphic Onyx

Open Bitch
Entries 11 (3)

1st Sempefidelis Dulcidine
2nd Metamorphic Delivered
3rd Ringlands Summer Sunshine in Blackpark
Res. Ch Mad About Saffron at Ringlands
VHC Rozamie Je Ne Sais Quoi

Special Open Phalene Bitch
entries 2 (0)

1st Temelora Chance to Dream
2nd Rayol Ears to Kisses

Veteran Bitch
Entries ()

1st Ch Wish Upon a Star over Tricianbri ShCM
2nd Lafay Wota Star
3rd Havenbar Minniemouse
Res. Ch Temelora Forest Nymph JW
VHC Bobbards Travel Totty

Good Citizen Bitch
Entries 1 (0)

1st Burghbridge URA Golden Girl

Special Award Open Red/White or Red/White/Sable Dog or Bitch
Entries 8 (2)

Judge: Angharad Al-Bazi

1st Denemore The Ruben Effect at Farthingall (IKC)
2nd Ch Ringlands Special Gift
3rd Kissable de Costalina at Panspayon ShCM (IMP BEL)
Res. Vixpin Applejack
VHC Cintarshe Dancing Light Johnasta

Special Award Open Tricolour or Black & White Dog or Bitch
Entries 8 (1)

1st Metamorphic Posted to Vlinder
2nd Skyvana Party Time Jazz Plays Mezanda
3rd Altaya Foreign Affair
Res. Ookiimimi Jitterbug
VHC Tricanbri Wish Beaune at Shalandar ShCM

Special Award Open Phalene Dog or Bitch
Entries 2 (1)

1st Rayol Ears to Kisses

Junior Handling

Judge: Angharad Al-Bazi


6-11 Years Old 0 (0)


12-16 Years Old 2 (0)

1st Eleanore Taylor

“A neatly presented handler who entered the ring with good posture (something which seems to be disappearing) and confidence. Eleanore communicated with her dog throughout her performance, accentuating their rapport together. Lead control was excellent as was her awareness of my position in the ring and her lines. She moved around her dog in good time allowing me to gain a full view of her dog and showed bite clearly. BJH”

2nd Matthew Wells

“Again, a neatly presented handler who did all I asked correctly. Matthew moved around his dog well and showed teeth correctly and gave tight lines. Overall, I just felt Eleanore had the edge today.”