South Of England Papillon Club Championship Show – 6th August, 2017


I was honoured to be invited to judge at this show, I appreciated the good entry.


Minor Puppy Dog (6)

  1. Osborne’s Tykkydewas Toffee Delight, a delightful clear R/W of 8 months. Well put together of good size & shape, neckline & level topline.  Well angulated hindquarters, straight fine coat in lovely bloom.  Well balanced head, good stop & dark eye. BMPIS
  2. Diprose’s Lilacrose Inspired By You, attractive & elegant 8 month R/S/W who strode around the ring with drive & style. Well bodied up with good spring of rib, long tail well carried.  Sweet expression with narrow blaze & very large ears.  Preferred head proportions of 1.
  3. Urwin & Whitehill’s Paparottsie Talk The Talk


Puppy Dog (4)

  1. Kings’s Skyvana Tom Thumb Sarasha, eye-catching tri rising 12 months, most striking & outgoing. Beautifully put together, fine boned & hare feet.  Well bodied up & level topline.  Gorgeous head & expression, dark eye, fine muzzle & symmetrical markings.  Well set large & fringed ears.  Moved with confidence.  RBPIS
  2. Boughton & Stanbury’s Inixia Follower Of Fashion, 9 month showy B/W carrying a fine silky well marked coat. Good length tail arched over the back.  Head less chiselled than 1, but dark eye and very large ears.  Straight front & firm hindquarters.
  3. Orchard’s Panspayon Eye Of The Storm


Junior Dog (8)

  1. Petty’s Feorlig All You Need Is Love at Goldenmist, tri just over a year. On handling I found him to be a lovely well-constructed dog, fine boned & dainty, with lovely hare feet.  Shown in beautiful coat & well presented.  Loved his exquisite pretty head with well-defined features & ears well fringed.  A steady showman who didn’t put a foot wrong.
  2. Wilkinson’s Lafford Inspector Morse in Poppywood, 13 month old attractive tri, soundly made & covering the ground well with drive from firm hindquarters. Well-proportioned head with even blaze, rounded ears with curtain fringing coming & fine muzzle.  Well balanced dog & good reach of neck & length of back.
  3. Urwin & Whitehill’s Paparottsie Heart Beats at Amicae


Yearling Dog (4)

  1. Sparke’s Pinkmead Twistin Time, R/S/W phalene with a lovely clean outline & reach of neck lacking in several exhibits.  Elegant & sound, level topline & length of body, good front & well shaped hindquarters, fine bone, long well carried tail.  Sweet head, dark eye.  Ear carriage could be better, but I loved all his other qualities.
  2. Bull’s Altaya Star Attraction, very attractive rich coloured tri with a lovely shaped head of correct proportions. Straight front, body well ribbed, carrying a lightly marked silky coat.  Nice topline, long tail plume although carried a little flat over his back.  Very showy dog.
  3. Marsden’s Toot Sweet’s Johnny Depp at Finity (Imp DEU)


Novice Dog (8)

  1. Lilacrose Inspired By You
  2. Anderson’s Pappretty Athos Amitie, pretty headed tri with even blaze & white muzzle, dark eye, well rounded ears carrying lovely fringes. Nicely balance outline, good neck firm body & rounded ribcage, nice level topline.  Fine boned dog who moved & showed well.
  3. Orchard’s Panspayon Eye Of The Storm


Graduate Dog (3)

  1. Cox’s Amicae Moonshine for Temelora, smart tri, showing a clean outline, pretty head, dark eye , rounded ears, symmetrical markings, finely shaped muzzle. Good neck well laid back shoulders, sweet expression, correct head proportions with nicely shaped body & level topline.  Coat not profuse, but of silky texture carried flat to the body.  At one with his handler.  Smart mover.
  2. Stanbury’s Angullyon Trading Secrets with Inixia, dainty & slender boned R/S/W, nicely marked, fine muzzle & dark rounded eye, nicely fringed ears. Firm body carrying coat of silky texture.  Steady mover.
  3. Hobson’s Pappretty For Ever And Ever at Rosenjon


Post Graduate Dog (10)

  1. Whitehill’s Amicae Hugs And Kisses, nicely balanced eye-catching fine boned tri, nice shaped body covered by well textured silky coat. Well sprung ribs & long tail well carried.  Finely chiselled head, narrow blaze, sweet expression & dark eye, good well rounded dark ears.  Free mover.
  2. French’s Panspayon Charlemagne at Soleona, lovely headed B/W, rounded ears well carried & fringed, good stop & narrow blaze, nice eyes. Well coated up & presented in lovely condition.  Nice straight front, depth of chest, good angulation of stifle & tail plume.  Presents a very nice picture.
  3. Atkin’s Vlinder Light Of The Moon


Limit Dog (10)

  1. Munn’s Rozamie Depeche Mode, most striking B/W of lovely quality throughout. Gorgeous head shape, stop & narrow blaze.  Huge ears with curtain fringes.  Beautifully balanced outline, well sprung ribs, good length of loin, turn of stifle, well laid back shoulders.  Slender legs & fine hare feet.  His heavier markings did not detract from his obvious qualities.  Lovely flat silky coat in glorious condition.  Moved with drive behind.  I liked him very much.
  2. Caton’s Never Let Me Go Forussi at Henrix (Imp POL), most beautifully presented tri, of striking appearance & flowing coat of silky texture & lying flat to the body. Well balanced & clean outline.  Attractive head & lovely ear fringing, fine length of neck & level topline, well angulated.  Stylish & typey, but not so settled today.
  3. Osborne’s Tykkydewas Bailey’s Cream


Open Dog (10)

  1. Robb’s Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo, absolutely stunning R/S/W shown in the peak of condition. Never put a foot wrong & excelled in showmanship.  Handled to advantage to show off his many spectacular qualities & fine features.  Loved his delightful head & sweet desirable expression, long elegant neckline, straight front & hindquarters, lovely silky coat immaculately presented.  He is an absolute joy to go over & watch standing & moving with drive.  Dog CC & BIS
  2. Davidson-Poston & Ivani’s Slov Ch /J Ch Whip Honey Double Smash (ATC AV01317RUS), I was so drawn to this all round quality B/W fine boned dog, beautifully presented, well-marked & lovely coated. Most attractive head of correct proportions, good stop & muzzle, large rounded ears carrying lovely fringes.  Elegant reach of neck, well ribbed up & length of loin, tail high set & with lovely plume.  Lovely sound mover in good form & flowed around the ring.  Res CC & RBIS
  3. Caton’s Coffe Ice Cream Forussi at Henrix (Imp POL)


Open Phalene Dog (5)

  1. Pinkmead Twistin Time. BPhIS
  2. Caton’s Lennox Vive Vanette at Henrix (Imp POL), dark S/W with a pretty solidly marked head with well carried ears, lovely melting eyes, silky coat covering a well-made body with good topline & good hind angulation. Nice quality hare feet & well plumed long tail.
  3. Davidson-Poston & Farrell’s Multi Ch (10) Magnolise Tiago for Spinillons ShCM CW14 PPVN 15/16 Zagreb Win 16 Winter Win 17 (Imp USA)


Veteran Dog (9)

  1. Bartram’s Ch Burghbridge Black Shadow JW, 8 yr old B/W shown in peak form & condition. Most lovely shaped head & fabulous spread of beautifully rounded ears dripping with curtain fringes.  Symmetrical markings & dark eye.  Dainty & fine boned with elegant hare feet.  Coat glistening & every hair presented to perfection.  Showed for all he was worth.
  2. Melvin & Cox’s Tricianbri Wish Beaune at Shalandar ShCM, another 8 yr old medium sized smart B/W of lovely proportions. Most attractive head, well balanced with good stop & dark eye, & large well rounded ears with curtain fringes.  Well-marked & shaped  body, good spring of rib, level topline & high set tail.  Coat in lovely condition.  Steady showman.
  3. Stanbury’s Inixia Delightful Dan JW ShCM


Minor Puppy Bitch (6)

  1. Diprose’s Lilacrose Tallie Ho Talent, 8 month R/S/W. Lovely size & shape, in good coat for age.  Pretty head, very large mobile ears, muzzle slightly long, but overall lovely quality.  Fine boned elegant bitch.  Well bodied up & good length of loin.  Light free mover.
  2. French’s Soleona Keep Me, pretty tri, not so advanced in coat as 1, but this showed off her lovely balanced shape & outline. Evenly marked head markings, well shaped with fine muzzle.  Good length of neck, lovely straight topline, slender bone.  Alert & showy.
  3. Munn’s Ringlands Miss Chrissy


Puppy Bitch (5)

  1. Robb & Roosens’ Miss Martini Royal De Costalina Suniren (Imp FRA), fabulous 11 month tri, teeming with quality, with such an appealing head, beautifully proportioned, medium blaze, lovely rounded ears well set & carried with thick fringing already & fine muzzle. Lovely firm body, fine boned & dainty, level topline, high set well plumed tail carried well over back, lovely hare feet.  Presented to perfection.  Very captivating.  Res CC & Best Puppy in Show.
  2. Langdon’s Shadowknight Ebony Rose of Skyvana, exquisitely made fine 9 month B/W, unlucky to meet 1. Well chiselled head & slender muzzle, symmetrical markings, white muzzle, good mouth, ears large with promise of profuse ear fringing.  Body all white & firm to handle.  Slender fine bone & hare feet.  Dainty light mover.  Good ring presence & presents a lovely picture.
  3. Orchard’s Panspayon Evensong


Junior Bitch (5)

  1. Olof’s Tarnock Devine D’Or, very pretty pale R/W, fine & dainty throughout. Sweet expression & alert with well-shaped head & dark eye.  Lightly marked body, good turn of stifle, tail arched over back.  Just needs more coat to complete the picture.
  2. Foynes & May’s Lafay Has The Last Word with Amicae, another pretty R/W with an all white body, of fine & dainty build. Intelligent expression, fringes coming.  Slender bone.  Would prefer slightly more length of loin for complete balance
  3. Stanbury’s Inixia Precious


Yearling Bitch (4)

  1. Sparkes’ Pinkmead Delightful Eve, very smart B/W phalene. Attractive well balanced head, pleasing expression, dark eye, wide blaze & ears well carried close to the head.  Body firm to handle, good ribcage & straight topline.  Showed steadily.
  2. Olof’s Tarnock Demoiselle Devona, R/S/W of nice construction & balance. Good reach of neck carrying a sweet head & pretty feminine expression.  Firm solid body, nice bone, dainty mover & very showy.
  3. Langdon’s Skyvana Tinkerbelle


Novice Bitch (6)

  1. Lilacrose Tallie Ho Talent
  2. Orchard’s Lynflyer Northern Dancer for Panspayon, sound moving clear R/W, fine & dainty & carrying a nice flat silky coat. Sweet intelligent expression, dark eye, medium blaze & fine muzzle.  Good neckline & front, well balance body & firm level topline.
  3. Stanbury’s Inixia Potty Dotty


Graduate Bitch (5)

  1. Cox’s Denemore Chasing Elegante Flora at Tricianbri (IKC), very lovely deeper R/W quality bitch with style, beautifully balanced & correct length of loin giving her a lovely overall shape, & firm solid body. Such a pretty head, good stop & dark eye, large ears with fringing coming.  Tail of good length & very smart on the move.  Lovely to handle.  Real quality bitch.
  2. Olof’s Tarnock Debutante Duchess, medium sized B/W of good quality & style. Elegant & showy.  Nicely put together throughout.  Attractively marked & tail carried well over back.  Nice balanced & shaped head, narrow blaze.  Soft ear let her down today.
  3. Stanbury’s Inixia Bella Bella


Post Graduate Bitch (8)

  1. Stanbury’s Inixia The Bee’s Knees, dainty dark R/S/W with a clean outline. Not in full coat, but worthy winner.  Nice construction, straight back & good reach of neck, fine bone, hare feet.  Firm front and hindquarters.  Desirable jug handle tail.
  2. Waller’s Kazkell Theme For A Dream for Lilnrose JW, very nice tri, attractive outline & balance, good length of body & loin, carrying a fine silky coat. Tail high set & held well over the back.  Quality head & fine blaze, well placed ears of rounded shape, good fringing.  Moved around the ring with drive from behind.
  3. Lockhart’s Ringlands Fun In The Sun


Limit Bitch (5)

Quality class.

  1. Munn’s Ringlands Treasure Sunshine, gorgeous clear rich R/W dual purpose bitch with such a pretty feminine head of correct proportions, even blaze, dark eye, quality muzzle, large well shaped & curtain fringed ears. Most elegant with a lovely clean outline.  Solid firm body & spring of rib, good level topline & length of loin.  Well angulated hindquarters & long arched tail.  Flowed around the ring with ease & precision.  Very appealing.
  2. Orchard’s Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon, R/S/W, similar type to 1. Another with a lovely quality well shaped head & beautiful curtain fringes on large rounded ears.  Good reach of neck & length of back.  Straight front & turn of stifle.  In good coat of lovely texture.  Steady showgirl.
  3. Cox’s Tricianbri Tuppence A Kiss JW


 Open Bitch (7)

  1. Lee-Slater & Banfield’s Jorgealin Cast A Spell for Kingshaven, captivating tri, so beautifully refined & dainty, yet full of substance. Lovely to handle.  Exquisite head & features, narrow blaze & finely chiselled muzzle.  Most beautiful curtain fringes, framing a pretty face.  Elegant neckline & level topline.  Carrying a wealth of beautifully presented glistening silky textured coat.  Slender fine bone with elegant hare feet.  Lovely throughout.  Filled my with her beauty.  Well-deserved CC & BOS
  2. Davidson-Poston’s Int Ch/NL Ch Spinillons Classic Caress JW ShCM (Ir Jun Ch CW14 PPVN15), B/W of heavier build than 1, but a lovely bitch, well put together & flowing around the ring with drive from her well angulated hindquarters. Body firm to handle & carrying a wealth of coat of lovely silky texture.  Beautiful head framed with large ears carrying profuse ear fringing.  Head shape of correct proportions & pleasing muzzle.  Fine boned with elegant hare feet.
  3. Davidson-Poston & Farrell’s Spinillons Classic Calee.


Open Phalene Bitch (1)

  1. Pinkmead Delightful Eve BPhIS


Veteran Bitch (5)

  1. Davidson-Poston’s Ch/ Ir Ch/ Multi Vet Ch (4) Spinillons Saffire JW ShCM (PPVN 16, Zagreb Vet Win 16 Vet Winter Win 17), glorious 10 yr old tri with gleaming white teeth & good mouth. Beautifully presented coat in excellent condition, very long of lovely silky texture.  Loved her beautiful expressive & feminine head, dark eyes, well set rounded ears carrying such long curtain fringes from the tips.  Solid body although slightly heavy, but a credit to her owner for her wonderful condition & presentation.  BVIS
  2. Walklett’s Hillsorg Katz Trade Secret of Farthinghall, 7 yr old R/S/W carrying her years well. Pretty well marked of medium size, well bodied up.  Sweet head, dark eye, well carried ears showing off her long fringes.  Showed well & enjoyed her day, but could not compete with the glamour of 1.
  3. Nash’s Havenbar Minniemouse.


Carol Leat (Judge)